06 Apr 2015

Stay Focus To Be Productive!

BANDUNG, TEL – U – Nowaday, gadgets and smartphones turn into part of modern life phenomenon. Once the gadget connected to the Internet, people easily connect with other human beings anywhere, no matter when and where. Of course we often encounter around us, a group of people get together and they knew each other. However, they busy with their gadget.

“What are they doing? Updating the status, check the notifications, replying chat, replying the emails, and busy on commenting other people’s lives. Surrounding it. Or even just someone who doing a job while busy interact in social media. Then that person become unfocused doing the job, “said Adjie Silarus, author of ‘Sadar Penuh HAdir Utuh” on Seminar Inspiratif Melatih Fokus on Wednesday (25/3).

According to Adjie, people often switch to communicate and receive information, but have not finished creating something. These conditions make a person lose time to think creatively because their focus to bring ideas dissolve. “Creating is a process that completely different to communicate and consume information. This can not happen simultaneously, “said CEO of SukhaCitta.

Adjie also added, people’s lifestyle today requires one to do many things at the same time. Though men are created just to be able to focus on one job. “If enforced, people will not be able to focus on finishing the job to the fullest. This can lead to often be incomplete work, “he said.

Seminar Inspiratif Melatih Fokus organized by Business Administration Studies Program Telkom University (Tel-U) in the Hall of FKB Tel-U, Wednesday (25/3). This seminar provides new inspiration for students of Business Administration right on the anniversary of Business Administration Anniversary Telkom University.(purel/risca)

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