07 Apr 2017

STMIK Dharma Wacana Lampung Benchmark the Academic Facilities to Telkom University

Bandung, Telkom University – STMIK Dharma Wacana Lampung visited Telkom University on Friday (7/4) is intended as a benchmark in terms of academic and learning facilities for students. Guests visit consists of several lecturers and not less than 40 students were warmly welcomed by the Faculty of Informatics. This activity was first opened by introducing Telkom University campus as a whole by the Vice Dean 1 from School of Informatics, Dr. Suyanto, infront of guests were present at Gd. D Lt. 3 School of Informatics Telkom University.

“We are always open to any visits from various institutions, especially this kind of activity is very beneficial for both parties because it can be used as a medium of learning between peers with us (Telkom University)” Suyanto said.

The chairman of STMIK Dharma Wacana Field Trip Lampung, Beni Nurdianto, Kom, revealed that the activities of the visit was to provide insights for students and as a lesson for the STMIK Dharma Wacana.

“We are very pleased to visit Telkom University. The visit is aimed to provide an additional discourse for students. We realize that Telkom University is superior in many aspects, and therefore we would like a bit much to learn here. “Said Beni.

Abdullah Adnan

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