27 Apr 2015

Student Mobility Program Improves Students’ English Speaking Ability

BANDUNG, TEL – U – Various ways adopted by Telkom University to develop a World Class University. One of them is Student Mobility Program created by the Department of Communication Studies FKB Tel-U. “Student Mobility Program is a program of presenting course material in English,” said Coordinator of Student Mobility Program, Indra NA Conclusion, SS., MSi.
Indra explained this in Concentration Socialization event Department of Communication Studies for students of the 2014 event was held in the Auditorium Building Kawalusu, Wednesday (1/4).
Student Mobility Program itself has been running on last 2013. Currently, some students from the class of 2012 and 2013 was there who follow this program. According to Indra, it also needs to be communicated to the student class of 2014 due to the third semester. Later, they are able to take this program after chose the concentration.
Unlike the International Class, which is almost all of the courses are delivered in English. This program only took a couple of courses each semester to be submitted in English. Whether it’s from operational activities such as teaching and learning, assignments, and also during the exam.
“This program is an early stage to be able to have the International Class for the Department of Communications Tel-U”, he said. Indra concerns, this program could develop into the International Class where students can get a good benefit from this program as well as the availability of existing teaching resources.
In addition, students gain many benefits by taking the Student Mobility program. For instance, the students can improve their English communication skills, so that students more easily adapt to the international world. Especially when the students graduate, they also had to deal with ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which requires the workforce able to communicate well with the international sphere.
To participate in this program there are several steps that must be passed by students of Communication. First, student must have more than 400 of TOEFL score. Second, students can see the announcements related to the opening of the Student Mobility Program. Then, students should take an audition conducted by a team of lecturers. The next stage is mind the results announcement of the audition. If accepted, during registration process, students able to enter the course in accordance with this program. (Purel / EAD)

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