26 Sep 2016

Students Should Recognize Problem – Based Learning

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Paradigm shift from Teacher-Centered learning (learning process relies on a teacher or lecturer) becomes Learner-Centered or Student-Centered (the learning process rests on the student) requires lecturers to develop the teaching abilities.

Those reasons reflected the goal of Learning Development Agency (BPP) to hold Two-Days Workshop on Student Centered Learning in Higher Education by applying the method of Problem Based Learning (Problem-Based Learning / PBL). The event was held at the Panambulai Building that lasted from Friday until Saturday (23-24 / 9).

According to the Manager BPP, Dr. MAJIDAH, in addition to increase the capacity of applying the PBL method, the committee wanted that the training will benefits others. “Even, I think that students need to follow the training in implementing PBL method,” she said.

The workshop run in a serious but relaxed atmosphere. The lecturers were enthusiastic and actively involved in discussions with two instructors, there were Kamarza Mulia, PhD and Elsa Krisanti, PhD. They are experienced instructors who apply PBL methods in Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia (UI).

According to Kamarza, good learning is when learners monitor their process of learning and using effective ways to improve memory, for example, teaches how people learned. “Some students read the book, but not necessarily understand what they read, so it needs to be assisted to explore more,” said the researcher’s field of thermodynamics.

Meanwhile, according to Elsa, sometimes there is a risk for lecturers in applying this method. Students who do not understand will assume the professor did not give any science because the activities in the classroom mostly relies on students. “I was also frequently reported by students and its effect the negative sides,” said the graduand of the Colorado School of Mines, the United States. (PR / raf)

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