13 May 2020

Study of Ramadan Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – filling activities in the month of Ramadan, Telkom University held a study of Ramadan, carrying the theme “Blessings of Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic in education”, this event took place live on Youtube Channel Telkom University and Application Meeting Zoom, Wednesday (13/5).

Presenting the Speaker Dr. Aam Amiruddin as the coach of Splash of faith, as well as lecturer at Universitas Pasundan Bandung, this event was followed by all the academic Civitas Tel-U which can also be witnessed by the general public.

Dr. Aam explained that on this blessed month, let’s build a blessing, where there are 3 blessings to apply in our lives, the first is, the blessing of age, then the blessing of wealth and the last is a blessing of family and descent.

“We must achieve these three blessings, we still do the worship in the month of Ramadan, the first is a blessing of age, where the blessing of the age we are going to be Husnul Bidayah wa Husnul Khatimah, then Su’ul Bidayah wa Husnul Khatimah.” Details.

In addition to achieving the blessing of wealth, Aam added, the thing to do is that every asset that was Milki must be sourced in halal, then clean the treasure through charity.

“In addition to the treasures that we have must also have good benefits for the hereafter, then must have a principles to relieve the burden, and avoid tabdzir (use treasures for useless things).” Details.

Then the third in achieving blessings in Ramadan is a blessing of family and descent, where there are 3 blessings that are Zoonatunatul Hayaat (QS, 18:46, family and the Keturuan that achieve it by dui, the second is the Finatun (QS 25:74) family and descendants that become the source of the third suffering is Qurrata A’yun (QS. 25:74), family and children who become more heart-friendly.

Dr. Aam also explained that in the middle of this pandemic let us be grateful we can still live in Ramadan amid this plague, there are still many blessings that we can take in the midst of this plague.

“In the midst of this pandemic let us take a blessing, the first to receive with the Ridha, the second is to make peace with the calamity that is, the soul-teasers of Sabra and gratitude, and who have been framed with prayer.” He said.

The rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya in his speech thanked all the academic civitas both lecturers and students who have participated in this activity, he said this activity can be used as a example for all the academic civitas in the activities in the community.

“Hopefully this activity can bring blessings to all of us, and I have a message that this study can be used as a teacher for us as a lecturer to apply to our students, because as a lecturer must provide a good example for our students, so that students can also apply it in a community environment.” He said.

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