13 Aug 2020

Tabligh Akbar: Tawhid as Inspiration in Contribution to Build the Nation

Telkom University held Tabligh Akbar with the theme “Tauhid as Inspiration in Contribution to Build the Nation.” This event was held on Thursday (13/8) online via the Zoom application, and broadcast live on the Telkom University YouTube Channel.

This tabligh Akbar was attended by all Telkom staff and lecturers, students, and the Telkom Kudus Family, the Al-Azis Message Board Family, and presented KH Ahmad Baha’udin as the Caregiver of Ponpes Tahfidzul Quran LP31A Rembang.

The event was opened by reading the Al-Quran Verse by Ataqi Qowwiyun Abadan, a 2017 Interior Design undergraduate student at the Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty, and continued with remarks delivered by Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as Rector of Telkom University. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya said that this event was one of a series of events from Telkom University Anniversary.

“30 years of Telkom Campus journey to become Telkom University in 2013. I express extraordinary gratitude to Allah SWT for all the abundance of favors, achievements, and achievements in the effort to build superior human resources for this nation so that they can contribute to creating the next generation of this nation. “

Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya added that Telkom University not only teaches skills but also character, including spirituality so that this will become a foundation in everything that is done and will become the value of worship. Hopefully, this event will bring us to God, not only tired but also to be a charity in every contribution to building this nation.

Entering the main event, KH Ahmad Baha’udin delivered material about Tawheed as Inspiration in Contribution to Build the Nation. He told that at the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW., Had a rational battle system. When things are irrational, it will be explained as if it were rational. Prophet Muhammad SAW. given an intelligence or what we usually call Fathonah. The Koran revealed to answer all human questions. The revelation is sent down through the angel Jibril.

“We have to be careful of infidels. The logics constructed by the disbelievers were not logic, but word processing. What was good was thought to be bad, or vice versa, so it was troublesome during the time of the Prophet. He has to say something real with the correct language, while they say something wrong with a good explanation, “he said.

KH Ahmad Baha’udin added that managing the truth was not easy, then the Prophet came up with the real truth. The disbelievers, both in the category of book experts, namely Jews and Christians, as well as those categorized as musrik, namely people who associate Allah SWT., They do not want to be united.

In every question that exists in life, Prophet Muhammad SAW. answer it with logic. The Prophet was present during a society that had started to be rational, and those who were not rational could process words so that they looked rational.

“Al-Quran is so clearly a solution but only in the hearts of believers so that several generations of believers have emerged. And this religion comes with intelligent thinking. “

Manusa is born from a father and mother, eggs are born from a chicken, large trees always appear from small seeds. All processes at the time. This religion must come with comfort to humans in the process of life.

KH Ahmad Baha’udin hopes that this event can be useful and the participants can take lessons from the material presented. Hopefully, it can increase our enthusiasm for getting closer to Allah SWT. Hopefully, we can feel more about tawhid, that tawhid is obtained from the Al-Quran and Sunnah which can only be known from the scholars. So you can’t if you don’t study with the experts. This event was then continued with a question session and closed with a prayer.

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