15 May 2020

Talk about Multimedia Broadcasting, at the 7th Webinar

BANDUNG, Telkom University – High School Webinar Series is entering the 7th episode. Center of Learning & Open Education (CeLOE) organized a new episode on Friday (5/15) entitled “Ngobrolin Multimedia Broadcasting Yuk Gaes!” with the lecturer in the School of Communication and Business, Oki Achmad Ismail.

Oki explained how the development of conventional media, which at present media has been transformed into new media (New Media), using the internet.

“The development of conventional media such as TV and Radio in Indonesia so far has developed quite rapidly, we know that TVRI first aired in 1962 by broadcasting the Republic of Indonesia’s independence ceremony and the inaugural coverage of the ASEAN Games in Jakarta until finally, we had the Palapa A1 satellite in 76 after that came the private media that we know to this day. ” He said.

Along with its development, Oki added that the conventional media that are known today are used to send or receive messages and information to the wider community, but this conventional media is constrained by the speed in the process of disseminating information.

“The weakness of this media as we know it is the speed in disseminating information, because the events covered by the media have to go through a long process until they are aired and captured by the public, as is the case with digital media which can be spread at that time, but the weakness is that they are vulnerable HOAX,” Oki explained.

“We know now that conventional media, whether TV or radio or even print media, can already be enjoyed in the form of streaming, this is because if they do not convert the media they will be left by their viewers.” He said.

Oki said that the current media changes, starting from conventional media converging into digital media, to the presence of social media, will foster new fields of work, so new competencies must also be prepared.

“If we want to enter the digital world in the current era, the demand for skills that must be possessed is to have the ability to process content through audiovisual media by utilizing digital technology, because at this time the speed of information is very necessary, therefore multitasking is needed in the current industrial era.” He explained.

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