Tel-U Academic Community Initiated Picking up Trash Movement


BANDUNG, TEL-U –Academic Community of Telkom University held “Tel-U Zero Plastic Waste” in the Car Free Day (CFD) Dago, Sunday (10/4). The event was held as one of environment concern, especially in Bandung and its surroundings.

The event began with exercise together followed by dozens of local residents who visited CFD Dago. The event continued with picking up the trash around CFD. Students, lecturers, and some local residents walked down Dago Street and picking up the plastic waste. Garbage bags which is used on this event was creation from Faculty of Creative Industry (FIK) students, produced from waste banners.

Vice Rector, Dr M Yahya Arwiyah IV, SH, MH said that this student action was a small part of Tel-U concern on a healthy environment. “In our campus, concern for the environment also continues to be applied in everyday activities such as creating a smoke-free campus, tree planting, and the arrangement green and lush campus,” he said. In addition to the Vice Rector IV, was also attended Dean of FIK, Dr Ir Agus Achmad Suhendra, MT.

Another Tel-U students concern also shown by creating art made from waste. Most of their work was displayed in the CFD so that it can be seen by visitor. In addition, the students were distributed green fabric bag that can be used by citizens when shopping, instead of plastic bags.

This event cooperated with Zora Radio FM and closed with band performance from Tel-U students to entertain the visitors. (Purel / raf)

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