28 Sep 2015

Tel-U alumna Revamped Yarn Waste Became Fashion Products

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Every textile production process will inevitably produce waste. But for Fashion Textile Craft alumnus Telkom University Hutri Devina, textile waste in the form of yarn can actually be recycled into new products and economic value.

“I tried to recycle the yarn waste into something sweet for clutch, handbag, slempang, to ornate hand embroidery on clothing outwear. Then the results are sold in the online-shop, “said Hutri, Wednesday (26/8).

She estimated the net profit earned by 7 million per month. Market consists of the high school students, college students, worker and housewife. In addition to aesthetic reasons and economic value, for Hutri, it’s also ignited the creativity. To create beautiful works Hutri used hand embroidery techniques.

The inspiration of yarn waste recycled began when she did the final project design at Telkom University (Tel-U). At that time she chose the waste yarn at Binong Jati industrial area.

“Waste from Binong Jati was still feasible to be processed. Besides its location is quite affordable for me, “said the graduand who graduated last August.

Clearly, the type of waste that can still be processed from the type of wool, cotton and polyester yarns. Yarn waste process is relatively long. Because the waste should be cleaned first, then sort out the threads according to the color. The entire production of capital comes from private funds. While the production process is assisted by four employees.

A private television was invited her to have interview session on yarn waste processing activities. According to her, now there are many young designers who use the waste on their work. Whereas waste can still be used, as long as first determine the type of waste and the waste side effects. Then it set into creative works ‘out of the box’. (purel / risca)

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