Transfer Knowledge Telkom University dan PT KCIC
15 Dec 2021

Tel-U and P.T. Indonesia China Fast Train (KCIC) Transfers Knowledge

Transfer Knowledge Telkom University dan PT KCICFriday (10/12), Telkom University, in collaboration with P.T. The Indonesia China Fast Train (KCIC), held a webinar discussing the Jakarta-Bandung Train (KCJB). This webinar is also a forum for Tel-U academics, especially the School of Electrical Engineering (FTE), to discuss the implemented technology.

The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed ??Train (KCJB) project, started in 2016, has become the most awaited mega project by the community, which geographically intersects with this project.

This project is also full of the latest technology, ranging from technical development, security, and communication, implemented later. So, this project is very interesting for students of the School of Electrical Engineering (FTE) who want to learn what technology is used in it.

Dean of FTE, Dr. Bambang Setia Nugroho, S.T., M.T., really appreciate this collaboration, because according to him, academics also need to exchange ideas with industry. “We hope that the students who attend this event can see what technology is being applied to the industry, especially at this KCJB,” he said.

According to him, this high-speed train is closely related to FTE. There is a lot to learn, and this is a great opportunity. It is hoped that what was conveyed by the experts in this webinar can be well received to learn the civitas academia at Tel-U.

General Manager Technical/Design Management P.T. KCIC, Rachman Suhanda, confirmed what the Dean of FTE had said. According to Rachman, this project is the ultimate technology, combining many technologies. So much to learn here.

“The tunnel boring machine used at Halim Station, for example, is to avoid a toll road subsidence above it. The maximum tolerance is 2mm. In practice, only down to about zero point a few mm. This is thanks to the technology.” said Rahman.

Rachman said KCJB technology was adopted from China. The reason is that the country has been developing fast train technology for a long time. Knowledge transfer is also carried out on H.R. to be able to apply similar technology in Indonesia.

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