30 Jan 2016

Tel-U Filmmaker Attained Two Achievements at Indonesia Short Film Festival 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Two short films made by Telkom University filmmaker won two achievements at Indonesia Short Film Festival 2015. Both of them became a winner at the same category. There was Ojo Sok-Sokan as the second position and Opor Operan as the third. Those films made by students of Communication Studies FKB Tel-U who joined in Eleven Cinema Pictures.

Titled “Indonesiaku, Kebanggaanku”, this competition was the second event which organized by Kompas TV. Then surprisingly, there was 200 short films has been submitted to the committee’s database. This year, the awards night held at the Gallery Indonesia Kaya, on Friday (22/1).

Mustafa – The Eleven Cinema Picture Chairman and also the director said, the issue raised in Ojo Sok-sokan film was quite simple, that was about respect the local language. This film told about the Javanese meet the Jakarta and tried to have a conversation using slang language. “The main issue of this movie invite us to not ashamed using our own language and appreciate the local one,” he said.

Interestingly, since created the idea until the end of the process, Ojo Sok-Sokan film only made in less than a week. Not only that, the cost of film production only Rp. 300.000,-. “It’s because the due date just another week, we just maximize our resources,” said Mustafa.

Whereas, Oper Operan film told about a meal called Opor that moveable. This film based on Eleven Cinema Pictures’ crew experience who had a similar occurrence like this film idea.

Opor Operan had been won 2 achievements previously. First, it won at BCA Short Movie Award as the Best Screenplay and Best Editing, and the second for Best Director at Bandung Youth Short Film Competition 2015.

With a lot of achievements obtained by Eleven Cinema Pictures team, Mustafa hoped his team will courage to give their best in the future. (purel / EAD)

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