26 Aug 2015

Tel-U Rector Inaugurated 7000 New Students

BANDUNG, TEL-U – “O The Almighty, we are students of Telkom University promised that will always persistent in achieving the highest achievement in accordance tasks mandated to us as students. We will always uphold the honor of Telkom University alma mater. We will always uphold the moral life, honesty and manners, as well as the nobility of science wherever we are. We will always obey all the rules and be willing to accept punishments for violating environmental regulations in the campus of Telkom University and applicable law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. We will not do any act or acts contrary to Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945. Thus we promise. “

That was the promise of new students at Senate Meeting of Telkom University New Students Acceptance which was held in Benggala Building TUCH, Friday (14/8). The promise was uttered more than seven thousand new students in front of Tel-U Senate

“Your decision to study at Telkom University was the right decision. With national and international achievements, Telkom University become one of the best universities in Indonesia, “said Rector of Tel-U, Prof. Dr. Mochamad Ashari, M.Eng., Ph.D.

He added that the three key words that should be remembered and permeated by a student of Tel-U, which is ‘gratitude’, ‘spirit’ and ‘ready’.

“In Indonesia, there are about 21 million people in the college-age young teenager. However, only about 5 million people who get the chance to continue their education. You should be grateful to achieve this opportunity, “said Rector.

The comparison between students who passed the test with registrant is 1: 4. That is, any new students Tel-U have defeated four applicants in the new students’ selection process. Therefore rector asks the student must keep the spirit of learning, work and achievement.

“In 2025, Indonesia will become the 12th world’s economic powers country. We hope you become this nation leaders, “he said. Rector also invites students to go hand-in-hand to create something new and innovate. Also, to remind each other if there are ignorant with applicable regulations. (purel / risca)

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