30 Nov 2015

Tel-U Student Participate in “Bali Fashion Tendency 2016” Event

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Soni Wicaksono, S1 Student Telkom University Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK Tel-U), expanded creativity by following the largest and most prestigious fashion event of international scale, Bali Fashion Tendency (BFT) in 2016.

BFT 2016 which held at TS Suites Seminyak, Bali on 9 to 11 October 2015 is an annual event organized by APPMI (Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs) as a forum for designers (both senior and young designers) to prove its existence in the world of fashion.

S1 Students Textile Craft Mode Study Program (KTM) is greatly benefitted immensely annual moment of this APPMI. “Never thought at all I can join in one of the prestigious events with famous designers such as this,” he said.

Moreover, Soni said, he only had one month to preparing everything. “At first had hesitated whether participate or not. But after asking for the blessing of parents and it is fully supported, I finally decided to participate, “he said.

BFT event in 2016 was followed at least by 45 designers both locally, nationally and internationally. They include Ali Charisma, Dwi Iskandar, Monica Weber, Neli Gunawan, Deden Siswanto, Adith Hendart, and Poppy Dharsono.

In addition, there are several categories of products shown by designers, including Hot Culture, and Recycle. In this event, Soni exposed his works themed Glamour Evening Gown.

“The general target is to introduce my work to the community. While the highest target is, Miss Indonesia wear my design in the international event, “he said.

Soni also hope his participation can inspire other young Indonesian designers in particular who was in college and had a career from the ground. “Keep fighting. Follow what your heart, do not care what people say, “he said. (purel / BRR)

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