13 Jun 2014

Tel-U Student Should Have Leadership Soul

Bandung, Tel-U – What is the key to success so that new graduates could be accepted to work in a multinational company? The answer of course may vary. But, what is the key to success so that new graduates can be accepted in a multinational company according to Hary Kapota’s version?
The PT Beiersdorf Director of Sales explained that at least there are four main key that must be owned by Telkom University graduates if it is to qualify to work in a multinational company. “There are important things to have if you want to be accepted to be employed in multinational companies, namely Leadership, Communication, Creativity and Team Work,” he said while speaking at a seminar titled “Strategic Selling Seminar” held in the Hall of the Faculty of Communication and Business, Wednesday (14 / 05).
According to him, leadership is a major capital someone who wants a serious career in the business world. “Without that skill, a worker would not be able to become the leader of the company,” he said. The leadership he added, if supported by communication and creativity, and teamwork, a worker is able to reflect on his/her success.
According to Hary, qualified candidates who apply on company workers must be individuals who have the soft skills and a positive track record. For him, the 3.09 GPA with GPA of 3.90 is the same thing because both GPA are 3 to a scale of 4. “GPA is just an administrative requirement in order to qualify you CV for administration selection. In my company, GPA 3.90 and GPA 3.09 are the same. You can still qualify for selection and administration with a GPA of 3.09, “he said.
Moreover, competition in the world of work increasingly stringent. Typically, the fresh graduates hunt the job market as a means of applying for a job. The lucky ones, can be directly called up interviews, but how about the unlucky ones?  They are forced to hunt ini the other job markets again elsewhere.
Well, for the Tel-U students who want to try a career in multinational companies, are you ready to compete? (Purel / DH)

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