Tim Mahasiswa Tel-U Berhasil Juarai Kontes Robot Indonesia 2021
01 Oct 2021

Tel-U Student Team Crowned As Winner in Indonesia Robot Contest 2021

Tim Mahasiswa Tel-U Berhasil Juarai Kontes Robot Indonesia 2021BANDUNG, Telkom University – A team of Telkom University students and lecturers won the 2021 Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) event. The Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) is a design and engineering competition in the field of robotics organized by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education and Culture. Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

At the event, two teams from Telkom University won 2nd place at the Regional level in two Competition Divisions, namely the Indonesian Search and Rescue Robot Contest (KRSRI) and the Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI). In the KRSRI Division, the Telkom University student team is chaired by Muhammad Rizal Murtadha (S1 Informatics), consisting of Billy Ahmad Abdilah (S1 Electrical Engineering), Irham Khalifah Putra (S1 Telecommunication Engineering), Rivaldo Yoseph Buarlele (S1 Electrical Engineering), Tania Arsyat Syahara (S1) S1 Engineering Physics), Fa-iq Irfan (S1 Engineering Physics) and supervised by lecturer Ig. Prasetya Dwi Wibawa, S.T., M.T., (IPD).

Rizal as the team leader explained that the robot created by his team was a rescue robot in the event of a fire. The six-legged robot is equipped with tongs to rescue victims and carries a sprayer to extinguish the fire.

“The robot is equipped with a Mini PC as a computing device and can defecate according to the algorithm that has been built. The robot will go down the hall and pass certain obstacles to enter each room, extinguish the fire and save the victim using certain sensors, “explained Rizal.

Rizal also added that the robots created by his team already have proximity sensors, compasses, thermal and infrared sensors as well as using servos as propulsion.

For the KRTMI Division, the Telkom University student team is chaired by Afif Dimas Harfi (S1 Electrical Engineering), consisting of Muhammad Jilan Fawwaz Dirgantara (S1 Informatics), Nurul Hidayatul Muttaqin (S1 Electrical Engineering), Ragil Bagaskoro (S1 Informatics), Satya Ananda Taufiqul Fajri (S1) Bachelor of Electrical Engineering), Mohammad Aldarin Arifin (S1 of Electrical Engineering) and supervised by lecturer Muhammad Ridho Rosa, ST, M.Sc.

The Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI) is a new division introduced on KRI 20219. KRTMI 2021 plays a traditional game of Dam-Daman, which is implemented by adopting Digital-Win technology, which is a game between two teams that move a robot on a physical field to move coins on the ground. digital field.

Afif as the team leader explained that the robot created by his team is a robot that functions to take coins from the rack automatically and place the coins at the specified point. The robot uses an omniwheel to maneuver the robot so that the robot can move in all directions freely.

“The robot is equipped with Ultrasonic and Infrared sensors. The robot can pick up coins by adjusting the distance from the robot to the shelf using an Ultrasonic sensor and if it gets the right distance, the robot will move until the Infrared detects the presence of the coin, clamps the coin, and backs off automatically. Then the robot will bring the coin to the appropriate point to find the most checkers or points.” Afif explained.

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