29 Feb 2020

Tel-U Students Crowned as Favorite in the Modest Young Designer Competition

Jakarta Convention Center – The Muslim Fashion Industry in Indonesia is increasing each year. A massive market of Muslim Fashion in Indonesia is opening up wide opportunities for industries and designers who dwell in the industry. Various exhibitions and events about Muslim fashion continue to take place year by year; one of the biggest events in 2020 is the Muslim Fashion Festival.

The event held on (28/2) at the Jakarta Convention Center. Besides displaying a bazaar of hundreds of Muslim products, there was also a competition called the Modest Young Designer Competition (MYDC). MYDC is a forum for young fashion designers to express their ideas and foster a spirit of competition because the work created will be exhibited at fashion shows.

Telkom University sent several students to compete in this MYDC event; they were Fiqh, Ardini Putri, Siti Laeliki, Tiffany, Salma Nabila, Naufalina. Of the six students who took part in the fashion show, Tiffanyaraqandy won the most favorite champion at this event. Tiffany made a work called Pearl of Tuban, she made a special fashion for men who were inspired by the name of a region in Indonesia, namely Tuban.

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