30 Aug 2021

Tel-U Students Produce Research Carbon Footprint Calculator to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change in Tel-U Environment

Telkom University students again won a proud achievement in a national competition event, namely the 2021 Indonesian Sustainable Campus Innovation (IKABI) last August. This competition is organized by the University of Lampung SDGs Center (UNILA GreenMetric) in collaboration with UI Green Metric.

Two categories are contested in this event, namely Scientific Writing and Videography. Both need to be following the theme raised in this competition, namely “Implementation of the GreenMetric Concept in Sustainable Campus Management in Indonesia”.

This competition takes place from 28 June to 13 August online Zoom at the University of Lampung. It consists of several stages, such as the sending process of scientific papers, the selection, the announcement of the top 20 finalists, and finally, the pitching session in front of the jury in determining the winner.

The team from Telkom University is named Dextor. It consists of three students, namely Muhammad Yusuf Basqara, Akhdan Pangestuaji Widodo, and Pramudia Putra Pamungkas. During the competition, this team was accompanied by Dr. Eng. Alfian Akbar Gozali as a supervisor.

The Dextor team won 1st place after making a Scientific Paper with the title “CARBON CARE: Social Mobile Platform Based on Carbon Footprint Calculator to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change to Support Sustainable Campus Innovation in the Telkom University Environment”.

“Universities that are quite competitive, namely UGM and UNILA, in the first stage they were superior in value, at that time our scores were in the top 3 positions. However, at the pitching stage, we (Tel-U) managed to give a maximum performance so that we could beat the competitors,” said Yusuf.

According to Yusuf, the ecosystem built at Telkom University and the associations in the study program encourage every student to have the spirit to compete healthily and have the desire to try various competitions.

“We express our deepest gratitude to the institutions that have provided moral and material support, especially to the head of our study program, namely Mr. Rahmadi Wijaya, S.Si., M.T (RWJ).” Says Yusuf.

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