30 Sep 2015

Tel-U Students Should be ready to Compete

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Compete with other countries, Telkom Group is expected to strengthen itself. One of them produce quality human resources and ready to contend, among others, graduated from Telkom University (Tel-U).

It is delivered by a member of the National ICT Council, Garuda Sugardo at sharing session in Bandung ICT Expo 2015, held at Telkom University Convetion Hall, Saturday (12/9).

“We create a proper skill for Telkom University students to compete and create other Telkom products that could be more useful products,” said Garuda.

Bandung ICT Expo 2015 came with the theme “Strengthening Collaborative Innovation for Community and Industry”. Garuda emphasized, the readiness of human resources is one of the important topics related to this strengthening.

In addition Garuda also explained the issue is no less important with regard to the future of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia. Garuda highlights the problem that is now twisted PT. Inti as one of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia.

According to Garuda, PT. Inti almost collapse because people forget that PT. Inti is one of Indonesia’s telecommunication industry. “PT. Inti will suffer if domestic industry try to pay for local product. The domestic industry must be able to stand on its own by using goods made by their own country, “he said.
Garuda also highlighted the president’s promise to buy back Indosat. Garuda said that the government must answer the issue. The appointments must be supported, but perhaps not to buy back Indosat. “Instead of buying Indosat at a great price, better to give the funds to Telkom University students to create a new network,” he said. (purel / EAD)

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