27 Mar 2016

Tel-U Support the Inclusive Education

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The existence of public indifference in providing a decent place for inclusion children, encouraged Bandung Inclusive Education Working Group to organize and support the program through a seminar entitled “We Support Bandung – City of Inclusive Education”. The event was attended by 268 heads of SMA / SMK from state and private school as well as Madrasah all around Bandung.

Inclusive education is education which accommodates the needs according to their ability. Seminar held at the Auditorium of Sebatik Building (FIK), 5th floor, Thursday (24-26 / 03). This event was attended by Dra. Rita Handyani as Kadin SMA / K Bandung, Gagan Hermawan as DPRD Commission D, muftias Yulismi, S. P.si as Vice Chairman of Bandung Inclusive Education Working Group, and also supported by Atalia Pararatya Kamil who is a chairman of CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation).

Telkom University as the host declared its support for inclusive education program. “Although we do not apply this system in real time, but morally, Tel-U supports inclusive education,” said Dean School of Creative Industries (FIK) Tel-U, Dr. Ir. Agus Achmad Suhendra, MT. Agus also grateful for choosing Tel-U as host at this seminar.

Activities aimed at exchanging information related to inclusive education is welcomed and fully supported by Atalia Praratya Kamil, as chairman of RBM to inspire and facilitate the various elements aimed at particular society. “This activity also as a supporter of Bandung as the City of inclusive education,” said Atalia.

Atalia expected that with the approval of inclusive education law on October 26, 2015, all children are now entitled to the same rights, especially in education. (Purel / Nisa)

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