13 Jun 2014

Telkom Telkom University Library Launches Open Library

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Starting from a desire to unify all knowledge in one kind of media, Telkom University library build an open library system, named “Telkom Open Library”.
This system not only could be accessed by Telkom University academics but also other universities. “Other universities could easily access and visit this Telkom University Library,” said the Head of Telkom University Library Nyoman Bogi Aditya K. ST. MSEE in the middle of 2nd Regular Meeting of Higher Education Libraries Seminar and Workshop Forum (FPPT) for entire West Java and Banten, which was held at the Multimedia Room Learning Center Building of Telkom University, Wedenesday (04/06).
According to Bogi, this system was developed by adopting various existing best practice and incorporated them in a variety of features such as catalogs and circulation, Reporting & Notification, Collaboration, E-learning and many other services. “We want to create a system that can accommodate all existing knowledge media in all the libraries of the Telkom University,” he said.
Bogi wished that all the academic community to support the “Telkom Open Library” program as a unified system of library services. “One family, one system”, he said. Meanwhile, The Regular Meeting of FPPT was attended by more than 92 librarians from universities across West Java and Banten, FPPT regular meeting was running smoothly. The speaker of this meeting was the National Library Automation Sub Division, Mr.. Wiratna Tirtawirasta, Kom, MP.
“The library has an opportunity to provide services more quickly and efficiently, if it is able to align with the needs in the information society” Wiratna said in delivering the meeting material. In this event, the National Library established a “Electronic Library Resources Materials (e-resources)” program in collaboration with nearly 21 vendors of e-research worldwide. This program brings e – Books and e – Journal which can be accessed by anyone and at any time via the official website of the National Library. (purel / azzah)

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