18 May 2017

Telkom University: Aiming Graduates To Meet Industrial Needs

Jakarta – Career Development Center (CDC) Telkom University held an interactive discussion entittled Collaboration betweenIndustrial and Higher Education in Developing Human Capital Indonesia in the Digital Era on Thursday (18/5) at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Jakarta.

The interactive discussion attended by invited guests from various industries and its a part of appreciation of Telkom University to industry players who have provided opportunities for alumni to be able to work in related industries.

This discussion was opened by Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Mochamad Ashari Ph.D who revealed that Telkom University needs feedback from multi-national companies to be able to align and print graduates that fit the needs of the company.

“We appreciate the contribution of our colleagues, especially the leaders of the company who have done the recruitment of our alumni. Secondly, we would like to have feedback from the industry for Telkom University what needs to be changed and added. So we can meet the needs of the world market work “said Ashari.

To continue expanding the network of industrial cooperation, Telkom University in the same event also signed MOU with several multinational companies such as PT. Angkasa Pura II, Talent ID, PT Home Credit Indonseia, and Humanomy Infomedia Solutions.

Founder ID Talent Indonesia, Putra Nababan said that many graduates do not know the potential they have so often there is a discrepancy between the job and the potential of fresh graduates.

Responding to this, Ashari explained that Telkom University has a bootcamp program that routinely carried out CDC one year before the students graduated. “Overcoming it we have bootcamp, essentially to know the interests and talents of prospective graduates so we give directions to the industry where they should work” he said.

For information, Telkom University in December 2016 got accreditation A from BAN PT, the achievement is expected to be competent in national level and can meet the needs of the employment market in multi-national companies today. The CDC’s continuous program to monitor the distribution of alumni is often carried out, so Telkom University alumni ties more often known as FAST can help new graduates to be able to work immediately.

Abdullah Adnan

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