09 Oct 2020

Telkom University and Sucofindo Collaborate in Education and Industry

Bandung, Telkom University – Telkom University and Superintending Company of Indonesia (Sucofindo) signed a collaboration that took place on Thursday (9/10) at Bangkit Building, Tel-U. The form of this memorandum of understanding is about Cooperation in the Field of Education and Community Service to Support the Energy Industry in Indonesia. More specifically, it contains Inspection, Testing, Certification, Training, and Consultation. Signed by the Rector of Tel-U, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, and President Director of Sucofindo, Ir. H. Bachder Djohan Buddin, MM.

In his remarks, the Rector of Telkom University revealed, “Nowadays, every sector is required to transform towards digitalization so that Tel-U also must be able to print Digital Talent. It is not only through lectures but through various methods to hone. Thus, graduates are professional and ready to work. This MoU is a mandate, and needs to be fulfilled properly through the implementation that is not only felt by the two parties but is broader by this nation. ” said Adiwijaya.

In more detail regarding the content of the collaboration, the MoU between the two parties will last for the next 2 years. As previously stated, this collaboration includes Inspection, Testing, Certification, Training, and General Consultation but is not limited to the fields of education, research, application of technology, innovation development, student fieldwork practices, curriculum development, and community service. All collaborations continue to adhere to the principles of Good Corporate Governance and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Representing the president director of Sucofindo, who attended the meeting this morning was the Vice President of SBU PIK PT. Sucofindo, namely Rafida Wardana. “Sucofindo upholds integrity, it was built to create trust from service users to continue working with us. In the process, this MoU is running smoothly, hopefully, this is a sign that what we are doing can have a positive impact on the nation. We admit that we are very proud to be able to cooperate with reputable universities, especially in the field of technology and information, ”said Wardana.

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