06 Nov 2018

Telkom University Applies PJJ System

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Faculty of Informatics, Telkom University, has begun to apply the Distance Learning System (PJJ) for Informatics Engineering S1 Study Program.

On Monday (5/11) a visit was held for PJJ of S1 Informatics Engineering Study Program and at the same time conducted a teleconference with the Telkom Vocational School of Makasar, this visitation was held in Panambulai Building, Faculty of Informatics, Telkom University.

Visitation was carried out by Gatot Fatwanto Hartono, Ph.D and Saliman, M.Pd as evaluator and also attended by the staff of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) namely Jumadi and Soleh, S.Sos.

According to the Chair of the PJJ Study Program S1 Informatics Engineering Anisa Herdiani that the PJJ organized by the Informatics Engineering S1 will later work together with the Makassar Telkom Vocational School.

“At the moment we are only collaborating with Makassar Telkom Vocational School, because we want to accommodate our number of regristrars from Eastern Indonesia, and most of them are from Makassar, in the future we will develop it throughout Indonesia.” She said

Anisa added that there will be 2 types of PJJ classes namely conference class (VCon) and Blended Live Broadcast Classroom (BeBC).


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