25 Nov 2019

Telkom University Assists Lengkong Villagers to Utilize Online Media Marketing

    Bandung, Telkom University – The community service team of the Faculty of Information Engineering (FIF) Telkom University successfully held a program titled Empowerment of the Lengkong Village PKK Group in Marketing Marketing Home Products Using Online Media. This activity is in line with the vision of Telkom University which in the next few years will focus on transforming into an Entrepreneurial University. The program, which took place from 15-17 October 2019, was launched by three members including Dr. Z. K. Abdurahman Baizal, Prof. Adiwijaya, and Nurul Ikhsan, Ph.D.
    Abdurahman Baizal said, that every university should participate in contributing to the empowerment of community groups in improving economic standards through entrepreneurial activities,”Moreover, our vision (Tel-U) is to become an entrepreneurial university,” he said.
  For two days, the team held training by presenting several speakers, namely Danang Triantoro, M.T. by presenting material on the utilization of local online marketplaces as a facility for marketing home-based products (Home Industry). The second speaker of a successful entrepreneur who utilizes online marketing is Indah Puja Ningrum, S.Kep. The two-day training aims to empower the Lengkong Village community especially the PKK group to form an independent small and medium business (UMKM) by utilizing the existing potential, it is expected that after participating in this training the community can increase their ability to pioneer SMEs through online media.
  During this time PKK group members have been producing snacks and several other home-based products, so it is necessary to explore the potential for creativity in terms of marketing strategies. In the previous community service program (Pengmas Phase 1, 2019), the team carried out the Initiation of Assistance in the initial production and sales process for the Lengkong Village PKK group. Following the proposed community service program roadmap, this program continues with the empowerment of independent business groups that generate profits.
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