Telkom University Kembangkan Penerangan Jalan Umum Energi Terbarukan Di Desa Margamukti Pengalengan
21 Dec 2020

Telkom University Develops Public Street Lighting for Renewable Energy in Margamukti Pengalengan Village

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Margamukti Village is located in Pengalengan sub-district, Bandung Regency. The resident’s life depends on agricultural and livestock products. Most of the villages are located in the tea plantation area which the road access tends to murky at night because of the lack of public street lighting.

“Until now, the distribution of public street lighting (PJU) from the tea garden access to Padamukti village has not been handled by PLN,” said Dharmawan as chairman of the Mudi Padamukti Youth Community.

According to Dharmawan, the residents of Kampung Padamukti expect the construction of PJU infrastructure in Padamukti Village at several points in the public road ROUND tea plantations to support the security of residents’ activities at night. Dharmawan revealed that many residents worried about the robbery in the road area, especially for women.

Exploring this problem, Telkom University Lecturers are trying to bridge it in a Community Partnership Program (PKM) to help develop the construction of Solar Panel-Based Renewable Energy Public Street Lighting in Kampung Padamukti, located in the Margamukti Village Area. The choice of using Renewable Energy technology based on Solar panels is based on seeing the potential of the geographical area of ??Margamukti Village which is in a mountainous area and gets a lot of direct sunlight intensity and solar panel PJU does not require electricity consumption from PLN.

“We, Telkom University Lecturer Team, will build a solar panel based PJU in two points of the tea plantation area which is public road access to Kampung Padamukti. We have coordinated its placement with the Village Head of Margamukti and the Head of RT / RW Kampung Padamukti,” said Tri Nopiani Damayanti as PKM Chairman.

Also, he said that the solar panel-based PJU development was one of the PKM programs received by the Telkom University Lecturer Team from the Community Service Grant from the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency (Kemenristek / BRIN) of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020.

The Telkom University Lecturer Team consists of Tri Nopiani Damayanti as the Chairperson of the PKM, with members Ratna Gema, and Irma Safitri. The implementation of this PKM is in collaboration with the Youth Community of Kampung Padamukti where the construction of the Solar Panel PJU begins on September 5, 2020, in Kampung Padamukti. During the construction of a solar panel based PJU, the lecturer team was assisted by Telkom University students as well as the residents of Padamukti Village.

“We hope that the construction of Solar Panel-Based Public Street Lighting can help improve the safety of residents’ activities at night as well as a first step towards realizing Energy Independence and Security for Margamukti Village so that it can reduce the consumption of PLN electricity loads in their village infrastructure,” said Tri Nopiani Damayanti when closing. Solar Panel PJU construction event in Padamukti Village.

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