25 Jan 2017

Telkom University Encourage the International Exchange Lecturer

School of Communication and Business (FKB), considered the important of exchange program. In addition to students, FKB has launched a lecturer exchange program. So the insight and nuance of learning proccess at Telkom University will synergy with overseas situation. Nor the same case to other faculties in the Telkom University.

Recently, FKB had completed a student exchange program at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), USM itself is the best universities in Malaysia and ranked 10th best Southeast Asia by the release of Webometrics, an agency affiliated National Research Council Spanish.

Dean of FKB Jafar Sembiring said the program is part of a series of efforts Telkom University toward college standards of the world, “The world has changed regime, base regime today is network societies, so it is important for us to build an extensive network, diverse and multidimensional academic, one of them we seek to exchange students, even in the future we will send lecturers there (Malaysia) and vice versa, “he said.

In addition, exchange students are expected to motivate students to the global world, “It could also be lighter spirit of student learning, they will melhat how students in Malaysia undergoing lectures, this is certainly the best momentum for them to keep eager for the globalized world”, he added.

Separately, Vice Rector of Admissions and International Cooperation AMA Suyanto strengthens the reasons the program of the “Student Exchange and Lecturer Exchange has been doing since Telkom University stands, this program as well as a vehicle for going global university”, he said.

Further Doctorate in Business Administration added that so far Telkom University has been much cooperation reciprocal through Sister University in various countries, “Not only in Asia, our many cooperating world’s best universities for it (exchange and international cooperation), such Saxion University of Netherland and Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea. Also for Exchange Lecturer sent to Chitcara University lecturers teaching in India “, he said.

Efforts to develop international cooperation is very commonly done by reputable universities globally. Moreover, based on the university-based research. What strived Telkom University during this sweet fruit to achieve Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions (AIPT) with Cumlaude value A, and is the only private university in West Java who managed the Accreditation predicated. [PR]

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