30 Nov 2018

Telkom University Held a Blockchain Workshop

Bandung, Telkom University – The development of technology can no longer be denied, this is evidenced by many electronic transactions that came out, one of which is blockchain technology. Blockchain is one of the technologies that became the spotlight in 2018. This technology is even claimed to be able to make business processes far more efficient. In simple way, blockchain is an online application that can be accessed by anyone via the internet. Now, blockchain is penetrating information application industry in Indonesia.

Referring to the issue Telkom University through Telkom University Blockchain Research Community organized a blockchain workshop with the theme “Form Concept to Opportunities” held at Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT) on Thursday (29/11).

FIT Dean Dr. Teguh Widodo in his speech said that academician must be able to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

“We as academicians must be open and able to use and develop the latest technology such as blockchain.” He explained

The event was divided into two sessions, presenting the Executive Director of Indonesia Blockchain Society, Mochamad James Falahuddin as the speaker in the first session. In this session, it was described the history and implementation of the first blockchain in the world, namely in Bitcoin, which attempted to eliminate intermediaries in financial transactions. “This has caused many misperceptions between blockchain as a technology and bitcoin as a product of the blockchain,” he said. In this session it was also explained the structure, how blockchain works in general and the characteristics of blockchain, including peer-to-peer, consensus, cryptographically secure, and immutable, which are the primacy of this technology. At the end of the material it was explained the opportunity for blockchain research in Indonesia for Telkom University lecturers and students.

The second session was delivered by Farid Fadhil Habibi, who is the CEO of PT. Svara Inovasi Indonesia. In this session various existing blockchain platforms were introduced, with their respective characteristics. One of the implementations described is the use of blockchain in digital music industry. With blockchain, musicians can directly market their work without going through many intermediaries, as happen all this time. Apart from saving costs, this technology also enables management of copyright, and royalty payments automatically through smart contracts. With the use of blockchain, piracy, which has been breaking out in digital industry, especially music, is expected to be pressed as small as possible.

As an initiation, on this occasion it was also declared Telkom University Blockchain Research Community, a community of researchers and observers of blockchain from cross-disciplines that exist at Telkom University, especially in  Faculty of Applied Sciences. This community consists of lecturers, staff, and students who study blockchain, both in research and final projects. The brief introduction was delivered by Anak Agung Gde Agung, as chairman of the event committee, also as Chairman of the Accounting Information Systems Expertise Group. In addition to introducing the community, Agung again invited all academic community to take part in developing this technology, in order not to become merely consumers when other countries began marketing blockchain.

The activity continued with a discussion that discussed further opportunities for blockchain technology research for lecturers and students, as well as insight into the development of blockchain technology in industry. The series of events were then closed with the signing of  MOU between  Indonesia Blockchain Society and Telkom University which discussed cooperation in the field of research and development of science in blockchain field.

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