20 Apr 2017

Telkom University Inaugurate the Professor of Mathematics

BANDUNG, Telkom University. In the last 4 years, Telkom University recorded progressive growth. After achieving the “A” accreditation of Higher Education Institution, after following the International certification related to information technology based on ISO 20000: 1-2011, and on Wednesday (19/4/17) through open senate session, Telkom University Rector confirmed Dr . Adiwijaya as Professor of Mathematics.

The Senate is open in attendance of approximately 350 invited guests, conducted solemnly in Manterawu Auditorium, Telkom University. In his oration Professor Adiwijaya conveyed the theme “Contribution of Mathematics in the Development of Computation and Data Science”.

Professor Adiwijaya said that Mathematics is the foundation for the development of science and technology, especially the field of Information and Communication Technology.

“Information and Communication Technology is one of the significant factors in realizing the independence of the nation, such as President of Republic of Indonesia decree on the nine priority agendas initiated for change towards a politically sovereign Indonesia and having economic independence,” he said.

Professor Adiwijaya said the development of information and communication technology is very dependent on the data used both text, audio and video, according to the growth of data growth will be greater.

“From the abundance of data, our challenge is how to process the data in order to become information, that’s why one of the reasons I take the topic of scientific oration that is related to the utilization of mathematics to obtain information from abundant data” said Adiwijaya.

Telkom University Rector Professor Mochamad Ashari congratulates Professor Adiwijaya’s achievements, hopefully the current achievements can help Telkom University become better and motivate other fellow lecturers to be able to pursue the achievement of their professors.

“The title of Professor is the highest degree in academic, therefore I hope that Professor Adiwijaya will be more creative and able to motivate other lecturers to follow their achievement” said Rector.

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