Again, Telkom University Received Widyapadhi Award

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DENPASAR, Telkom University – After receiving the Widyapadhi Award in 2018, at the peak of the 24th National Technology Awakening Day held in Denpasar, Bali on August 27, 2017, Telkom University (Tel-U) also received the Widyapadhi Science and Technology Award 2019, for the Innovation Management subcategory.

From 570 universities, Tel-U crowned as a second-place after Hasanuddin University as the first, followed by Padjadjaran University in 3rd place. Tel-U is the only PTS (Private Higher Education Institution) selected as the best innovation university (management, best startup and spin-off company products) for the Innovation Management sub-category by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) Prof. Mohamad Nasir explained, referring to the mandate of the Act (Law), demands change and implementing a national priority agenda, Kemenristekdikti needs to give appreciation to universities that have actively developed a conducive climate of innovation.

“In connection with this, the Directorate General of Strengthening Innovation, Kemenristekdikti in 2019 held the Widyapadi Award, as a tribute to the University for its efforts in encouraging innovation. It is expected that this award will increase the spirit of institutions in creating new benefits from the results of their research, both in commercial, economic and socio-cultural forms. ”

Mohamad Nasir added that the increase in innovative products in Indonesia has now increased from the previous year, where this year the number of startups in Indonesia has reached 1350.

“Thank you for the contribution from all agencies and universities that for the best innovations to this nation, I hope that universities and institutions which acquire the Mini Mala award can be an inspiration and motivation for other universities to participate in developing innovations for this country.” He said.

Telkom University Rector Prof. Adiwijaya when receiving the award said that the achievements of Telkom University were the result of the hard work of all Telkom University academicians, and after winning the title as PTS no 1 in Indonesia, this time the most beautiful gift on the 6th anniversary of Tel-U was the gift of Widyapadhi’s innovation from Kemenristekdikti.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to the smart work of all Tel-U academicians, they were rewarded as PTS with the best Innovation Management in Indonesia, last year we were ranked 3rd, and this year it has increased to No. 2,” he said. (***)