10 Aug 2021

Telkom University Lecturer Team Accompanying The New Student Admission (PPDB) of SMK Telkom Bandung

New Student Admission or PPDB is an annual activity conducted by educational institutions such as SMK Telkom Bandung.

The PPDB activity certainly contains a series of programs to support activities that are well organized and can even achieve all aspects of achievement, one of which is marketing strategies

The Disruption of the Pandemic has changed the pattern of work of all levels of society, especially with the Work From Home (WFH). The community activities are mostly conducted from home using digital devices, including PPDB should be done online.

Nevertheless, “the show must go on!” The marketing program for PPDB SMK Telkom Bandung must continue to be carried out by turning the direction of activities that are often carried out offline to online in the context of “Digital Marketing”.

Seeing the change in work patterns from Offline to Online, the impact is quite massive and it needs readjustments in implementing the Digital Marketing program. The school needs assistance from external parties. Telkom University Lecturer Team assists the PPDB program of SMK Telkom through collaboration between the three faculties, such as School of Business Communication (FKB), the School of Applied Industry (FIT), and also the School of Business Economics (FEB). This program starts from August to September 2021.

For the PPDB Team of Telkom Bandung Vocational School 2021, the existence of a series of Mentoring activities packaged in the Digital Workshop Series is a “blessed” to achieving their target.

This Digital Workshop Series activity consists of nine mentoring sub-topics, of which the first two sub-topics carried out namely “Growing the marketer spirit of teachers and employees” and also “Developing concepts, positioning and differentiation of educational institutions” were conducted online on Saturday (07/8)

The activity, chaired by Martha Tri Lestari, S.Sos., MM, a lecturer in the Digital Public Relations Study Program at Telkom University, began with a speech by the Director of Research and Community Service, Mr. Dr. eng. Kemas Muslim L, which was followed by a material presentation from credible speakers.

In his remarks, Kemas said that the directorate of Research and Community Service would fully support this mentoring activity, and of course hoped that the long-term sustainability would be a gathering place that was beneficial in general for the entire community of Telkom School, especially SMK Telkom Bandung.

This program is proof of Telkom University’s contribution to improving the quality of education services in schools. This is also evidence of the synergy of various institutions under the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT), whose existence strengthens each other.

“Like the best private university in Indonesia, we are ready to provide digital solutions to improve the quality of school services, both within YPT and with other schools outside YTP,” said Kemas.

Krishna Prasetyo Surendro as the principal of SMK Telkom Bandung warmly welcomes this series of programs and looks forward to the full participation and contribution of the entire community of SMK Telkom Bandung in absorbing the knowledge provided.

“We are ready to empty the bucket to accommodate the knowledge from all of you,” said Khrisna.

This inaugural session of Community Service presented five presenters, namely lecturers of the School of Applied Sciences, Sri Widaningsih S.Psi., MM and Dr. Astri Wulandari, SE., MM, then a lecturer at the School of Business Communication, Dini Salmiyah FIthrah Ali, SS, M.Si and Martha Tri Lestari S.Sos., MM, also Refi Rifaldi Windya Giri ST., MBA from the School of Business Economics. on two different subtopics, namely cultivating the marketer spirit of teachers and employees and developing concepts, positioning, and differentiation of educational institutions.

In the morning session, in her presentation, Sri said that humans and businesses are not static but change over time.

“With self-awareness, marketers can carry out their functions more focused and even get results following their expectations,” said Sri.

Followed by a presentation from Dini Salmiyah as the second speaker who also gave input so that the entire community of SMK Telkom Bandung can always play the same role as a marketer. “Everyone is a marketer for the institution,” said Dini.

Astri added in the final session that “All personnel involved in educational institutions are marketers, so it is important to pay attention to attitude and product knowledge”, said Astri.

The activity which continued in the afternoon session was followed by enthusiastic and enthusiastic participants in receiving knowledge from the presenters, the session which was packaged in a “brainstorming” session by Martha Tri Lestari S.Sos., MM, and also Refi Rifaldi Windya Giri ST., MBA.

When reviewing the Digital Marketing program related to strategy, positioning, and differentiation, the entire team involved must “self-evaluate” for continuous improvement.

“Strategy evaluation is very important, right now, evaluation can also be done online, one of which is by looking at the public opinion that appears on the social media channel of SMK Telkom Bandung,” said Martha.

Complementing this, Refi said “Sometimes we don’t know whether our marketing program is successful or not, unless we carry out the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program, that is the essence of marketing planning”, said Refi.

The Civitas SMK Telkom Bandung who attended also really enjoyed this activity program and couldn’t wait to meet again in the next digital workshop series.

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