Brainstat Jadi Juara Youth Innovation Jasa Raharja
13 Jan 2021

Telkom University Lecturers Crowned as 1st Place in the 2020 Youth Innovation Contest Award

Brainstat Jadi Juara Youth Innovation Jasa RaharjaTelkom University gains proud achievement at the 2020 Youth Innovation Contest Award event held by Jasa Raharja in September-December 2020. This time the competition had the theme Traffic Solution to Prevent Accident for Youth. This event is held simultaneously in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Semarang, and Surabaya.

Tel-U sent a special team to compete in this event, consisting of a lecturer at the School of Informatics, Dody Qori Utama (Chief Researcher); Lecturer at the School of Applied Sciences Alfian Akbar Gozali; Lecturer at the School of Electrical Engineering, Umar Ali Ahmad and Mas’ud Adhi Saputra; and Informatics Student Muhammad Rizqi Choirulfikri (Chief Student Researcher) and 6 other students from FIF, FTE and FIT.

After participating in a series of selection processes starting from December 1, 2020, to Judging & Awarding on December 15, 2020, the team crowned the first position in the Student / General Category with a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah.

This team made a research work called Brainstat, a system that functions to monitor the condition of the rider based on the brain waves from the driver. The brainstat will be used by the rider. Then Brainstat will monitor the condition of the rider. If there is a human error (such as drowsiness, daydreaming, etc.) then Brainstat will provide a warning to prevent transportation accidents.

“Our aim in participating in this competition is to take our products to the next level, namely in the Industry so that we prepare the best for the Industry,” said Dody Qori Utama.

Qory also explained that the institution (read: Telkom University) fully supports the long journey of this Brainstat product since 2012. This product has also received special attention from the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya. The Chancellor also supports and sees firsthand how this product is developed and becomes a prototype that is ready for use today.

For information, the 2020 Youth Innovation Contest Award competition is a forum for young innovators to minimize accidents in driving which are held annually by Jasa Raharja So that the teams compete here will send original works that are not currently being competed, in the form of tools, android applications, models, or prototypes.

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