13 Apr 2020

Telkom University Map Corona Through Application

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The increasingly widespread spread of COVID-19 in the world makes the world community worried about its transmission, according to data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to date there have been 4,557 positive COVID-19, 380 recovered and 399 dead (data 13 April 2020 Time: 16:10 WIB) and for the world alone the positive number of COVID-19 has reached 1.8 million, 435 recovered and 114 died (data 13 April 2020).

Seeing these concerns Telkom University through the Applied Information System Expertise Group of the Faculty of Applied Sciences Telkom University created an application that could monitor the spread of COVID-19 through the following application: https://ais-rg.com/.

Chair of the Applied Information Systems expertise group Dr. Dedy Rahman Wijaya said that the application he created with this team would collect data on the trend of increasing numbers of positive, cured and dead patients based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health for Indonesia and Jhons Hopkins University Center for System Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE) to collect world data.

“The application that we developed not only displays the number of cases but also analyzes data online using an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine growth rate analysis, area / area status, in addition to that the data we collect are periodically processed using several methods, to measure transmission rates, recovery and death using a linear gardient curve, to analyze correlations using the Kendall coefficient. Then the latter calculates the value of case fatality rate (CFR) for rating all countries in real-time, “said Dedy.

Dedy added that the application can process data formatted into graphics, besides that this application can also map the spread of COVID-19 Virus in the form of Interactive maps.

“The system we built also provides access to download datasets where this data can be easily accessed and can be used by researchers for research on COVID-19.” He said.

From this application Dedy hopes that this step is a form of contribution of researchers in Indonesia to jointly prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world.

“We hope this application can be useful for the general public as well as other researchers who will research more about the spread of COVID-19 which occurs almost all over the world.” He explained.


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