29 Jan 2021

Telkom University OSC Scholarship Program Awardee Announced

JAKARTA, Telkom University – Online Scholarship Competition (OSC) is the first online scholarship competition in Indonesia, organized by the news and video portal Medcom.id. OSC presents to give access for Indonesian Student to continue their education up to S1 and S2.

OSC is a collaborative program between Medcom.id and the best private universities through its role as a scholarship provider. Through OSC, participants are no longer need to come physically to register, but simply follow the registration process, selection, and interview online.

This year, OSC announced 440 names of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship recipients from 19 private universities (PTS) throughout Indonesia, where all participants had passed a series of rigorous selection during August-November 2020.

The names of the OSC awardee were announced during the OSC Awarding Night which was held in limited offline event at the Grand Metro TV Studio and online via the medcom.id youtube channel, on Friday (29/1).

Medcom.id CEO Kania Sutisnawinata expressed her gratitude and pride because OSC continues to be present until its 6th year of implementation in 2020. This year, OSC has not only succeeded in providing scholarships for undergraduate but also postgraduate degrees from the best 19 Private Universities (PTS) scholarship providers.

“Through OSC, participants can take part in the scholarship selection from anywhere, as long as they are connected to the internet. They can continue their education with a scholarship to the college of their dreams, “said Kania.

Vice-Rector for Admissions, Student Affairs, and Alumni of Telkom University, Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti, said that this year, is the fifth year of cooperation between Telkom University and Medcom.id through the OSC program, through this scholarship program, students who pass will be given full scholarships until graduation.

“We would like to thank the 11 thousand applicants of Telkom University through this OSC program, wherefrom the selection results there were 95 finalists who passed the file selection and online selection, and we congratulate the 25 students who have successfully passed and are entitled to Telkom University scholarships, of which 20 are. are recipients of undergraduate scholarships and 5 postgraduate scholarships. ” He explained.

In the current pandemic condition, Dida added that students and prospective students are still excited to achieve their goals.

“Stay enthusiastic in achieving your goals even in the current pandemic, so that in the future through Telkom University we can produce superior human resources for the advancement of the Indonesian nation.” He explained.

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