Dr Suyanto
02 Nov 2021

Telkom University Researcher One of the World Best Scientists

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Another global achievement achieved by Telkom University. A researcher from Telkom University includes the world’s best researcher issued by Stanford University and Elsevier BV.

Dr. Suyanto, S.T., M.Sc., a lecturer at the School of Informatics is a full-time lecturer at Telkom University which has been taught at Telkom University since 1999.

Dozens of scientific journals have been published by Suyanto, 19 International Journals indexed by Scopus, and 72 International Proceedings indexed by Scopus have been issued. Through his cold hands, 4 innovations, 8 patents, and 10 textbooks have been produced by this man who was born in Jombang 47 years ago.

Suyanto is an alumnus of S1 Informatics Engineering from Telkom University (formerly STT Telkom), then continued his Masters at Chalmers University of Technology Sweden, and took doctoral education at Gajah Mada University in 2012.

During his journey, Suyanto shared that he focused on research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with sub-fields: Machine Learning (ML) and Swarm Intelligence (SI). His interest in this field has been felt since he was sitting in the 6th semester of the S1 Engineering and Information Systems Study Program, STT Telkom, exactly 25 years ago.

“I was interested in AI because I think AI allows computers to be taught to do various jobs with the same (even better) results than humans. Today and in the future, AI has and will play an important role in digital transformation in all fields. More specifically, I am currently focusing on research in the IS sub-field because in the future SI will play an important role in optimizing and automating machine learning processes in AI and ML.” Obviously.

From this achievement, Suyanto expressed his pride and gratitude to all parties who have supported him in implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education, especially in the field of research, so that he could achieve this achievement.

“I feel happy to be able to take part at the national and international level. I would like to thank the Ministry of Education and Culture-Ristek, Telkom Education Foundation, and Telkom University for their support, and for fellow lecturers at Telkom University, let’s increase strong and broad research collaborations at national and global levels, by strengthening 2T (Teams & Tools) and strengthen 2P (Pull & Push), so that we can continue to provide the best for Telkom University, Indonesia and the world.” Obviously.

Dr. Suyanto managed to get into one of 58 scientists in Indonesia from various research institutions and universities and was included in the list of the 2% of the most influential scientists in the world, based on the Top 2% World Ranking Scientists ranking issued by Stanford University and Elsevier BV in October 2021. (***)

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