27 Apr 2017

Telkom University Students Win 1 MIDEA 2017

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University Students crowned as 1st place in Management Innovation Idea (MIDEA) 2017 held at Andalas University on Wednesday (26/4).

Entittled “Entrepreneurship, Cultural, and Art” MIDEA 2017 is a national-level business plan event that is a part of Management on Revolution (MORE) 2017 organized by the Student Association of Management Faculty of Economics, University of Andalas (HMJ Manajemen FE UA) .

Dani Aji Pratama and Yulian Mutiara, a student of Industrial Engineering School of Industrial Engineering Telkom University won 1st place in business plan event, where previously there were 5 teams from Telkom University which registered but 3 teams passed it.

Dani and Yulian who won the first champion made an innovation about Indonesian market snacks, which they think is now start to be abandoned. “Lately a lot of market snacks began to be abandoned because boring and unhealthy, but here we make innovation and change the market snacks to be the innovative, elegant and much healthier one” said Dani.

Through preparation for approximately 3 months, Dani told the idea of starting from the boredom to the current market snacks which are not varied.

“Finally we make snacks named Lumpia Cinta, CINTA which abbreviated for creative, innovative, and taste. This snack is more nutritious and healthy because use purple sweet potato. The reason we choose purple sweet potato compared to white and yellow sweet potato because the purple has antocyanin substance (antioxidant substance ) “He said.

This final semester students said that this competition may be the last competition because they should focus on their last assignement, and Dani expect that there will always be successor generation in Business Plan competition.

“Because I’ve entered the final level, thus I hope that there is the successor generation who can go international, carrying the name of Telkom University in the announcement of the champion, as well as special expectations for those who already make a business plan to implement their plan into jobss for others.” Dani.

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