Telkom University Supports Merdeka Belajar in Independent Campus

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University (Tel-U) is one of the private universities (PTS) that supports the Independent Learning Campus Independent Program (MBKM). The MBKM program was launched by the Ministry of Education and Research and Technology in January 2020. Since March 2020, Tel-U has declared MBKM, which is implemented in various education, research, and community service programs by its academic community.

Following up on the support for the MBKM Program, Telkom University, together with the Director-General of Higher Education Research and Technology Ministry of Education and Culture-Ristek, held an activity ‘Implementation of Funding Assistance for the Independent Study Policy Research Program on an Independent Campus and Community Service Based on PTS Research Results’ on Wednesday (14/12) at the Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung.

Telkom University is one of 25 clusters 1 tertiary institution that has succeeded in obtaining grants for the Free Policy Research Program Funding, Independent Campus Learning, and Research Result-Based Community Service.

The activity contains directives from the Ministry of Education and Culture-Ristek regarding guidelines and stages that each grant recipient team must carry out. The directions were delivered by the Chancellor, the Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Cooperation, and the Director of Research and Community Service at Telkom University. The Expert Team delivered other speakers of Parman Sukarno, Ph.D., and Umar Ali Ahmad Ph.D. The Head delivered the program management strategy of the Research Section, Head of Community Service, Journal and Publication, Head of Research Affairs, and Head of Data and Finance Affairs.

According to the Guide to the Independent Learning Policy Research Program for the Independent Campus and Research Results-Based Community Service, research results and community service are encouraged to go downstream to solve various societal problems through the transformation of universities into the MBKM concept thereby bringing benefits to all. Universities are required to encourage their academic community, namely lecturers and students, to be active both on campus and outside the campus by conducting collaborative and innovative learning processes.

The Independent Campus Learning Policy Research Program and Research Results-Based Community Service have some benefits. First, increase the number of studies. Second, research results can help solve problems in society. Finally, community service carried out by universities will improve the community’s welfare.

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