31 Oct 2018

Telkom University: The Only Private University in the Padjadjaran Islamic Economic Summit Competition

Three Students of Telkom University won the Padjadjaran Islamic Economic Summit (PIES) event on October 26-28. They are Industrial Engineering Faculty students majoring in Industrial Engineering consisting of Nadya Saniyya Ramadhanti, Febryan Khoirun Yusuf, and Venando M. Nur Amrulloh.

Interviewed via WhatsApp, Nadya explained that this year PIES carried the theme Optimizing Micro Economy and Creative Economy. One of the competition categories is Business Plan. Nadya and the team won the second place in this category.

Of course it was not easy to get to the final round, a series of selections need to be passed until finally being able to present a business plan in front of the judges. “During the presentation before the jury, we presented the ideas designed and the results of the economic analysis of the products made.” Nadya said.

The preparations made by Nadya and the team were to do research on the products made. They make Jinney, a food made from Black Cumin and Honey, mixed with Stevia leaves that make the mixture of food that is beneficial to the body. “In addition to doing research, we also conducted financial analysis and then make the products that have been researched”.

At this event, Telkom University had to compete with other well-known universities such as the Bandung Institute of Technology, Padjadjaran University, Gajah Mada University, UNHAS, Bogor Agricultural Institute, and the Indonesian University of Education. Amazingly, Telkom University was the only private university that qualified as a finalist.

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