Telkom University Wins SNI 2021 Award

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University has won the 2021 Indonesian National Standard (SNI Award) from the National Standardization Agency (BSN). Telkom University received this award for its efforts in providing good quality standards of education in Indonesia. The award was presented at the 2021 SNI Award Ceremony in Jakarta, Thursday (18/11).

Due to BSN No. 1611 /BSN/B3-b3/11/2021, the 2021 SNI Award is given to 98 organizations and companies consisting of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and bronze ratings. Also, the Early Improvement includes 12 categories, namely the Small Service Organization Category, Medium Organization Services, Large Service Organizations, Small Goods Organizations, Agro Sector Medium Goods Organizations, Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment, and Electronics Medium Goods Organizations, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile and Mining Goods Medium Organizations, Agro Sector Goods Large Organizations, Large Goods Organizations Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment, and Electronics Sector, Large Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, and Mining Sector Goods Organizations, Higher Education Organizations, and Secondary Education Organizations.

The SNI Award is the highest award from the Republic of Indonesia for organizations that consistently apply the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), have high performance, manage dynamic changes, and carry out the necessary transformations appropriately.

Telkom University won the SNI 2021 award at the silver rank. The achievement of this award is a form of Telkom University’s commitment as the number one best Private University (PTS) in Indonesia to continue to be committed to improving the quality standards of education in Indonesia.

As a university that has implemented the ISO 21001: 2018 Standard, an educational organization management system adapted from SNI ISO 9001: 2015. This standard for the education sector in providing quality education.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, when receiving the award, said that this award is a recognition for organizations that consistently apply standards to manage change and transform in the face of a very dynamic era of disruption.

“This is Telkom University’s commitment to continue to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia through the standards that have been set both nationally and internationally. Thank you to all academics and stakeholders of Telkom University. It is an encouragement always to give the best in every opportunity.”

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