15 Mar 2017

Telkom University with ASPIKOM Increase Lecturer Books Publication in West Java

Bandung, Telkom University – College of Communication Studies Association of Indonesia (ASPIKOM) re-socialization of writing textbooks for professors of universities in West Java, on Wednesday (15/3) at Menterawu Building Telkom University. The textbook socialization is fully supported by the school of Communication and Business (FKB) as facilitator.

Chairman of ASPIKOM West Java, Purnama Hadi, M.Sc., in his speech said that the event aimed to provide an insight into the practical knowledge to lecturers. “The purpose of the event is to provide knowledge for professors to understand the stages of scriptwriting textbook for college. So it can apply for funding to Higher Education textbook writing Kemristekdikti. “

Socialization was attended by various public and private universities in and outside of West Java presented two expert speakers in the field of textbooks is Lecturer in the Department of Communication Sciences Indonesia University of Education (UPI) Tito Edy, M.Si and Lecturer from University of Garut Dr. Zikri Fachrul Nurhadi.

Edy explained this as a step in exchanging ideas for the teachers to be able to write a book effectively, “This event does for sharing knowledge alone, so that all may know the way, obstacles anything, so they can better understand how technical writing book text.”

In his presentation, Zikri explained various techniques that can be written textbook published by the Higher Education “This could help expand knowledge with practical tips for publication know that lecturers have a high motivation in writing the textbook / text. Also keep the team in ASPIKOM that (draft) before it is sent to Higher Education can be reviewed in advance by the team. “

Vice Dean of FKB, Ir. Syarifuddin, M.M, so appreciate the activity “Thanks to the participants, hopefully there are other events that we are always evolving. Telkom University is always open for the sake of community colleges in West Java. I wish all the colleges in west java can contribute to the nation. “

At the end of the show, Hadi hope with this event is able to motivate the lecturers of universities in western Java to be able to publish the book. “Through this sharing session can be an exchange of information and experience between lecturers. I hope this activity can motivate faculty to write textbooks as part of the Tri Dharma College, especially for teaching. “He concluded.

Adnan Abdullah

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