16 Nov 2015

The Alumni of FIK Tel-U Preserving Batik Bogor through Books

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The style and motif of archipelago batik is depending on the origin of batik itself. One of them is Batik Bogor. Drizzle motif becomes typical of Bogor considering the city is known as the city of rain. This uniqueness attracted the graduand of Visual Communication Design Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK) Telkom University (Tel-U) Rissa Noor Avianti. She documented in a book and launched it at National Batik Day on 2nd October 2015.
“The Batik Bogor book can be purchased in “Tradisiku”, a Batik Bogor Gallery” said Rissa, Thursday (8/10).
Clearly, in addition to drizzle motif, Batik Bogor has other like clouds and raindrops, cleaver deer motif, Bogor palace, forest leave motif, botanical gardens, lotus motif, mulberry leaf motif and slate. For Rissa, Bogor motif is very unique because of pouring characteristic town of Bogor in the motif. Unfortunately, not many Bogor’s teenagers understand the philosophical meaning of motif region. With the support from the pioneer of Batik Bogor motif Siswaya Syamhudi, Rissa wanted to share the insights on cultural heritage of Bogor.
“Philosophical meaning contained in Bogor Batik motifs are a special characteristics of Bogor. Here is the uniqueness, “said the sweet girl who has been living in Bogor since the age of 2 years.
He added that he wrote a book explaining the mosaic Batik Bogor Tradisiku coming from Bogor batik patchwork affixed to products such as urns, vases, tins of crackers, helmets and notes. Also, in the form of fashion products such as handbags, clothes, scarves, sandals, clamps, fan brooch, a tissue box and others. This book also provides information on the procedure to wash batik fabrics that commonly practiced by true lovers of batik cloth.
“Studying the culture and batik is something fun. This book is presented more pictures and visual illustrations. I hope that this book will encourage younger generations to preserve the culture of batik and batik Bogor itself. I would like Bogor batik can be recognized more widely to the foreign countries, “he concluded. – (Purel / risca)

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