21 Dec 2015

The Alumni of IKOM FKB Tel-U Attended PR Professional Certification

BANDUNG, TEL-U – A total of 10 alumni of Communication Studies Faculty of Communication and Business Telkom University (FKB IKOM Tel-U) attended Public Relation professional certification programs on Sunday to Tuesday (13 – 15/12) at Hotel Savoy Homann Bandung. They were alumni from class of 2009 to 2011.

The event was organized by Ministry of Communication and Information, Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkominfo RI) through the Research and Development of Human Resources Research and Development Center and Professional Literacy.

Dewanda Irianti Saputri, S.I.Kom., the alumnus of IKOM FKB 2010 said that this activity was an attempt to deal with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC 2016), especially for communication graduand. “This event is useful to legalize the public relation profession, in order to compete at MEA 2016,” he said.

This statement was in line with the purposes and objectives which is submitted by committee chairman of Professional Certification Based Indonesian National Work Competence (SKKNI), Haryati, M.Kom. According to her, the government accelerated the program of professional certification in all fields, including the field of communications. “This is because when the MEA 2016, not just products commodity that will be traded, but also transaction services commodity will be included in the ASEAN free market,” he said.

Haryati, who is also the representative of Kemenkominfo RI added that when the MEA 2016 was enacted, every ASEAN region industry will be required to add a rule for prospective employees. This rule is professional certification in a particular field in accordance with the type of industry.

“Hence the importance of following these professional certification so that later the participants who pass the competency test will receive a certificate. It is because at MEA 2016, the government requires prospective employees who will work in every industry has a professional certificate with related fields, “added Haryati, M.Kom.

Meanwhile, from the data collected showed that participants’ competency test communications profession was not only coming from Telkom University, but also from the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad), Bandung Islamic University (Unisba), University of Garut (Uniga), Langlangbuana Universiy (UNLA), Bina Sarana Informatika (BSI), Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN), and the National University (Unnas). Total of participants of this event approximated to 80 participants.

This process involved five assessors. They are representatives from Professional Certification Institute of Public Relations (PR) Indonesia or LSP-PR-Indonesia and communication lecturer from university that appointed as assessor team. In this case, the lecturer of IKOM FKB Tel-U, Maylanny Christin, SS, M.Sc., also had the opportunity to be one of the five assessors. (purel / Ikom / DH)

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