23 Aug 2021

The Application of SEO and Content Development into PPDB Materials by Tel-U Lecturers at SMK Telkom Bandung and SMP Telkom Purwokerto

BANDUNG, Telkom University – In the third week of New Student Admission (PPDB) mentoring conducted by the Telkom University Lecturer Team with SMK Telkom Bandung and SMP Telkom Purwokerto. This event brought the topic of SEO implementation and also interesting content development, implementation evaluation sessions on the topic of concept development, positioning, and differentiation of educational institutions. Those are part of the school promotion tools under the auspices of the Telkom School, the Telkom Education Foundation.

Mentoring activities ongoing since last Monday (16/08) and continued on weekends on Friday and Saturday (20-21/08). The warm atmosphere was felt by the audience, both presenters and participants, with synergistic debriefing for mutual progress opened by the presenters from Telkom University Bandung students, namely Mella Rahensa, N.Elen, and Ezra Yanuarista, a student from the School of Applied and Applied Sciences. School of Business Communication.

The speakers who support the holding of this event are experts from the topic field that they have been involved in for a long time, opened with presentations from Yahdi Siradj ST., MT (16/08) and Abdurrahman Rahim Thaha, ST., MBA (21/08) lecturers of the Faculty Applied Science which explains the importance of implementing SEO for SMP Telkom Purwokerto and also SMK Telkom Bandung. Yahdi said that a school’s website needs to be optimized as a digital identity footprint.

“The website of a school needs to be optimized, because it will become a digital identity that internet users will search for, especially millennials,” said Yahdi.

Another speaker, Abdurrahman, gave a technical presentation and also motivated the participants regarding how to use analytics tools for one of the ways to implement SEO for PPDB activities at SMK Telkom Bandung.

“The results will not betray the effort,” said Abdurrahman.

The ongoing activities and presenting speakers on interesting content for promotional tools have been beautifully presented by Abdul Fadli K, S.Ikom., MA and also Dimas Satrio W, S.Sos., MIKom as well as the moderator who guided Twin Agus Pramonojati S.Sos., M.DS also Freddy Yusanto S.Sos., M.DS who is a lecturer from the School of Business Communication. Fadli said that the production of promotional content cannot be separated from the characteristics and interests as well as the social values ??attached to it target audience.

“Only with that, the utility value and the value of the product or service can be felt in the audience’s imagination,” said Fadli.

Followed by a presentation by Dimas, the content creator who never runs out of ideas said that three important things need to be developed by someone who has the responsibility to develop creative content in an institution, namely NETizens, content creators, and INfluencers.

“NE-KO-IN said, Dimas”.

The atmosphere of the debriefing that was felt to be getting hotter was wrapped with enthusiasm from both the presenters and the audience, as seen from the feedback from the audience who was always curious and wanted to ask questions in each session.

On the topic of developing the concept of positioning and differentiation of educational institutions which was the last meeting for SMK Telkom Bandung, an evaluation session on the implementation of the strategy concept presented by the school was conducted, this session aims to see a picture of what material has been presented by Refi Rifaldi ST., MBA and Martha Tri Lestari S.Sos., MM had previously arrived and could be absorbed and applied by the audience as an output which was certainly in line with expectations.

Martha said that evaluating promotional tools both conventionally and convergence through social media channels that had been used last year was mandatory and important for determining the next strategic steps.

“Social Media Analytics is very important, yes, we can see how far the engagement rate has been as a consideration for the next reinventing strategy,” said Martha.

This is in line with what Refi said that knowing the characteristics of target consumers is part of the obligation of a marketer in targeting consumers.

“Maybe we have many devices and channels to engage our consumers, but if we don’t know them more personally, then the efforts made will not be right on target,” said Refi.

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