11 Apr 2017

The climber of Telkom University Crowned as Champion at National Competition

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Student Nature Lovers Association (PMPA) ASTACALA Telkom University won the runner-up position in Cartens Wall Climbing Competition (CWCC) leads the category of class XII Male Mapala . The competition was held by Mapala Cartens Islamic University NU (UNISNU), Jepara, with the theme “Cultivate Willpower To Achieve the Highest Point” and it was attended by hundreds of participants from Java, Bali to Sumatra.

This event held since Friday (07.04.17) and ends on Monday (10.04.17) and compete in multiple categories such as; spider kids, student and Male/female Mapala. Astacala sent two delegates, Iqbal Kamal Fasya from School of Creative Industries as an athlete and Muhammad Umar from School Electrical Engineering as an assistant instructor.

For the winner in the category of lead MAle Mapala, Iqbal had to struggle through a series of qualifying until the start of the final. In qualification stage Iqbal passed with perfect points to rank first, then in the semifinal stage Iqbal must be willing to be in a position to three of the 29 qualified participants.

Entering the final round, the participants were taken only 8 people. On average finalists who did the climb only able to finish half of the total height of the board of climbing as high as 16 meters, due to the difficulty of the path that must be faced. While Iqbal was able to finish the climb up to reach the Top Wall. But he must be willing to accept the champion of the 2nd for total points lost from the first champion who managed to collect one point for more results from a perfect point in the semifinals.

Met after the competition, Iqbal said what he achieved is simply not just to win, but rather a form of expression presence in the middle of the athletes from other universities are far more used to the existing.

“We are aware of Telkom University in these conditions is a new university, but we’re happy to participate and meet with nature lovers across the University” he said.

Furthermore, the championship is just the motivation to continue working and doing activities, “About the champion tasted all teams must have a chance, just that is the fruit of hard work and learning constantly, so we consider the trophy is merely a token of appreciation of the commitment of hard work earlier “he added.

Student Manager Telkom University Dr. Soni Sadono in outlining his confirmation, a feat recently achieved a lot from the collaboration of many parties, “Achievements like this is certainly the result of a collective, student activism, student affairs directorate coaches also continuously monitor the progress of students,” he explained.

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