13 Jan 2016

The Community Service: Tel-U Lecturer Painted the Resident’s House of Pasundan Creative Village

BANDUNG, TEL-U – A number of lecturer from Interior Design Study Program Telkom University Faculty of Creative Industries (DI Program FIK Tel-U) organized Community Service program (Abdimas) in Pasundan Creative Village Bandung. Abdimas program filled with painted the houses located in RW 04 Balong Gede, Regol, and District of Bandung.

“Actually there are several Creative Village in Bandung, among others in Dago Corner, Cicadas, Cimindi, and this Sundanese. But as we consider, we chose this location because many homes overlooking the River Cikapundung and is often used as a public space, “said Chairman of Interior Design Study Program, Doddy Friestya, ST, MT, Sunday (10/1).

Because of this public space around Cikapundung river, said Doddy, then it took the initiative to paint the houses of citizens to make it looks colorful. “Sometimes people here lit the lanterns around the river so that it looks beautiful. However, due to hit the cost, these lanterns only lit on special occasions, “he said.

In addition, Doddy added, many residents, especially young people in Pasundan Creative Village that has the potential to draw a mural. “Moreover, our lecturers asked to give direction to the Youth Association, so that their work could be useful and applicable in Pasundan Creative Village,” he added.

In the activity held over two days, Saturday and Sunday (9-10 / 1) in villages that are relatively close to Hall of Bandung City, said Doddy, it was working with one of the leading paint manufacturers. The company, he said, donated 450 kilograms of paint to the walls of the house and 170 cans of spray paint.

Pasundan Creative Village residents enthusiastically welcome the presence of these lecturers. They found it not only because new homes can be painted, but this abdimas program to encourage local young people to be more creative with their talents to draw a mural.

“We are grateful for the presence of lecturers at Telkom University. This is the first time there are colleges that came to help residents Creative Village. Katampi pisan, “said Chairman of RW 04, Rusmana. (purel / raf)

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