06 Oct 2015

The Final Project Idea Should Provide Solutions

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Are you students who still confused to determine the final project title? There are tips given by the General Manager Business Innovation Bandung Techno Park (BTP) Iwan Iwut Tritoasmoro, ST., MT. According to Iwan, a title on the final project should contain ideas that could provide solutions for existing problems.

“Companies do not need technology what you make, but how much the technology idea can provide solutions and add value,” said Iwan. It is delivered in a Public Lecture Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT) Tel-U Damar Building, Friday (18/9).

According to him, a good idea is an idea which can open up the wide opportunities for customers. “The technology on offer at the right time, for example when there is an urgent need,” he said.

He cited, two technology products developed in BTP, Posturcheck and U-Kit. Posture Check is inspection systems used in the selection of candidates for members of the Army. Meanwhile, U-Kit, the practical tools used to study media, especially electronic hardware microcontroller. Both of these technologies offer a solution and based on existing needs.

After obtained the idea, how to realize that?

“After obtaining the idea, the next step is the analysis of what technology will be used. Then analyze the potential market, “said Iwan. If a student wanted to be followed up business there will be other analyzes. “If developed into a start-up business, it’s a bit heavy if done alone. Students should work with businesses or industrial incubator, “said Iwan

The public lecture was followed by a student FIT S3 Telecommunication Engineering. In addition to Iwan, a public lecture presenting Manager Network Infrastructure PT. Jabar Telematics enterprises West Java Province, Dudung Rochimat. Dudung conveying of the material in the field of Research and Innovation Network and Fiber Optic.- (purel / risca)

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