09 Jan 2015

The Impact of Customer Membership Program Toward Customer Loyalty

Nurfajrin, Husni Amani
Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Telkom University


The purpose of this study is to measure the impact of customer loyalty program set up by PT. Telkom Indonesia in West Java to the development of customer loyalty.

This research uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to analyze data derives from the sample of 218 respondents who are as members of Telkom Membership Card program.

The result shows that membership program had positive significant value of 5.70, customer loyalty had achieves positive significant with value of 5.85. In principle of membership program has a significant effect toward customer loyalty which has shown by critical ratio value more than 1.96 and value effect accounts for 28,1 percent.

Consequently the study suggests PT Telkom of the West Java region must increase its relationship with the customers as well as develop more attractive product bundling offer. In addition this initiative will enrich the product value to its customers and also the strategic development of organization culture in learning about developing of customer relationship management.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management; Customer Loyality; Membership Program; PT. Telkom Indonesia.

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