30 Nov 2015

The Lecturer is invited to Write Textbook Productively

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Creating teaching materials and textbooks can be support lecturer in delivering the material. Teaching materials were actually made for students, can also be distributed nationally when compiled into a textbook.

But the number of professors who make the textbook is still relatively small compared to writing a textbook. Therefore, the lecturer is expected to be productive in preparing this textbook.

It was delivered by Professor from Faculty of Communication Padjadjaran University, Prof. Dr. Engkus Kuswarno, MS, in the Workshop on Writing Techniques Textbook and Instructional Materials. This workshop was organized by Communication Sciences FKB Telkom University which held in Meeting Room FKB Intata Building, Tuesday (20/10).

Engkus explained, learning is actually a process of interaction between lecturers and students. “Teaching materials are part of lecturer’s development to provide the opportunity to interact with students through our writing,” he said.

Instructional materials are then compiled into teaching modules and is based on a clump of the same explanation. “Because it is used for the learning process, it should be submitted as instructional materials while teaching in the classroom,” said Engkus. (purel / EAD)

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