28 Oct 2015

The Regent Of Bandung Hope Tel-U Expand Abdimas Program for Bandung District

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The presence of Telkom University as one contribution of education in Indonesia is already perceived by the public, especially for people about a campus of Telkom University.

It was submitted by the Regent of Bandung, Dada M. Nasser in the event of Telkom University Health held in ATM Center Area Home FKB, Sunday (4/10). The event themed “Creative Synergy towards Healthy Living” is a collaboration between BEM KEMA Tel-U and the Government of Bandung regency.

“During this time, Tel-U has participated in developing the surrounding environment and Bojongsoang Dayeuhkolot and also contributed to the younger generation who will be the quality of human resources in the face of global competition,” said Regent.

Even so, Dada hope Tel-U continues to expand community service programs Bandung regency consists of 31 districts, 270 village, and 10 villages. “We added another service programs for residents of Bandung regency,” he said.

Telkom University Health is a routine activity undertaken by BEM KEMA Community Development Department Tel-U held every end of the month. However, for the implementation of this time is slightly different for collaborating with the Government of Bandung regency.

At this event the residents around the campus received free treatment, healthy exercise, health socialization booths, main food distribution, door prizes, bazaar, entertainment truck, as well as an integrated service car. (purel / ead / raf)

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