30 Mar 2017

The Signing of Cooperation Between Telkom University and Padjadjaran University

Bandung, Telkom University – School of Communication and Business (FKB) interlaced the cooperation with Faculty of Geological Engineering (FTG) Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) on Friday (31/3) at Manterawu Building, Telkom University.

The event was attended by the dean of FKB, Dr. Jafar sembiring, Dean of FTG Unpad, Dr. Isnaniwardhani Vijaya, Director of Research and Community Services Dr. Palti Sitorus, Director of the Secretariat of Telkom University Dr. Dadan Rahardian, Kapusdi Unpad Prof. Nana Sulaksana and the lecturers of FKB.

On his speech Jafar conveyed that this cooperation can be beneficial for all sides, “We hope it can be long-term cooperation. We must hand in hand to develop West Java area. Thus, I think that this cooperation could benefit the academicians, West Java, Indonesia. “

The event is aimed to improve the ability of HR, Research and Technology & Services community in order to develop Geopark in Indonesia.

Vijaya expected that FKB and FTG could soon realize the Community Service of Geopark development, “Hopefully, this cooperation could be realized, there will be a visitation from Unesco on May. Our hope that the cooperation can be more quickly, in order to be recognized by Unesco this year. May be useful for us and the community. “

At the end of the event, Palti grateful to have partnered with the University of Padjadjaran, he said such cooperation will continue to be built at Telkom University.

Adnan Abdullah

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