22 Dec 2016

The Teachers Mental Revolution is important to Prepare Golden Generation

BANDUNG, TEL-U – nowadays, education is play an important role inthe future national development, especially in preparing a better generation. This was conveyed by Vice Rector 3 Telkom University (Tel-U) Dr. AMA Suyanto. DBA at the National Seminar for Teachers, held in Trans Studio Bandung, Thursday (22/12) ..

He said that the teacher’s role was indispensable in order to prepare the next golden generation on 2045, where in the current golden generation that will lead this beloved country.

“Please support the teachers here to prepare our students in the next 2045 – the era of golden generation that will lead our country and bring a better country,” he said.

The theme of the seminar “The Role of Teachers in Preparing Golden Generation” This event was attended by approximately 300 teachers from Indonesia with speaker Professor from Indonesia University of Education, (UPI), Prof Dr H Mohammad Surya.

Prof Surya said that teachers today play a important role in creating and developing the golden generation, the Indonesian nation will be built and led by the current golden generation. “Maybe the year of our teachers have been nothing but the knowledge that we provide will continue to cling to our students that will be used to build a better nation” he said.

To make it all Prof. Surya added, teachers today need to do a mental revolution about how to think and act. “Mental revolution is needed for current teachers to change the conditions of the present study into the state of education a better future,” he said.

Director of Admissions & International Office Tel-U Rinna Fridiana said that this event aims to improve the knowledge of the teachers in preparing future generations of gold. “We expect teachers today can continue to work together to deliver students to the higher level so as to provide the better benefit for our nation,” he said. (PR / Eden / AW)

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